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August 14, 2013
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C-A: Avery Krause Application by Judaime C-A: Avery Krause Application by Judaime

Ahgosh only a few more days left, gotta try and get stuff finished. >A< Really want to join though. Ughu. Though I'm not used to groups like this, this would be my first if I got in. ;A; ;crawls into a corner; I'm so embarrassed.

My style flip flops all over the place, much like a magikarp.



Changes in Avery since Mission 01
Avery had a fall into trouble with her state of mind. It shook her brain up quite a bit. Even to the point of hurting others around her. 
Blaming herself for everything, for not being able to save countless of people's lifes. A split personality had then arose, attacking those who
were close to her, to the point of wanting to kill. She wasn't herself at all, even hospitalized because of trying to rid herself of this violent
second personality. The man from her past appeared just in time, and had saved herself from well...herself? Along with the help of others who were concerned for her. After a quite a bit of absence on the fight scene she has finally returned, renewed. There's still some aftermath to her, since you
can never really rid yourself of horrible experiences, now can you? She used to be one to strike up conversations with others, but now she's more
reluctant. Though she's working on it, to be her old self. She may be acting it out now, but believes it'll stick with time.

-Differences since Mission 01

-Doesn't want to talk about what happened, will avoid it at all costs
-She focuses her frustration on fighting the titans
-Is not afraid of fighting humans as much
-May be acting at some points, since does not experience emotion at times

"Time is funny...,don't you think?, how things just don't happen by chance."

Name: Avery Krause
Ethnicity: German
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 167 cm (5'6)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Squad: Scouting Legion (Back-up Legion would be Stationary Guard ;0; )
Specialty: Agility maneuvering 3D Gear

Agility: 10
Team Work: 6
Combat: 4+2(Mission 01) = 6
Defense: 4
Strategy: 1
Total: 27

Reason behind joining the fight against the titans:
To have meaning in her life, she was saved that day of the attack for a reason. So she could save others, and possibly find the whereabouts of the person who had saved her. She won’t accept that fact that he might of died, he has to be alive, at least in her mind. ((Also partly because she had a fascination for the 3D Gear, which she is obsessed with. Hurrhurr.))

The reason behind her wearing fur is she believes that the titans might mistake her for an animal, and also it calms her down, since in her past she spent a lot of time with animals. They were basically her only friends. However the titans could very well still smell her, but in groups with several other people, means several other human scents.
No one said she was the brightest of the bunch though, hahahaha.

Personality: Imaginative|Optimistic|Exuberant|Easily Distracted|Clutz|

Avery didn't always used to be so carefree, and willing to help. She used to be quite the pessimist, and introvert. However a chance encounter with someone led her to change her ways. Her current state of personality is a complete turnaround from her past part, however the damage done from the past is still there. She just doesn't show it, rather keeps it locked in the back of her head.

Imaginative: Avery has a mindset that you can do whatever your heart desires as long as you want it enough. While her strategy skills in fights aren’t up to par. Her skills in daydreaming and creativity excel. She often uses her 3D Gear for other purposes instead of just for fighting. Whether it be swinging on it like a swing, or practicing with it on backwards. She wants to be fully skilled with her 3D Gear in every way.

Optimistic: Avery used to always see the worst in things, but it had all changed the titans attacked. Something so horrible to mankind, actually had an positive effect on her. She now sees the positives in almost everything. Even in fights with titans that could very well lead to her death, she is still happy. Happy to aid the cause, to save a life that would have been otherwise killed if the titans got to them. Yes she adopted this way of thinking from an young man she had met by chance. She will risk her life to protect people even if it means death for herself.

Exuberant: Avery is often never glum, almost always having a smile on her face. She is full of energy, and finds the happiness in the little things. If you give her candy, she’ll literally tackle you to the ground from excitement.
((If you’re really close to her, she’ll show you her other side(The one she keeps locked away.))

Short attention span: Avery has a short attention span, and often gets distracted by things. One minute she can be talking about titans, then the next animals. This has also gotten her into tight spots when battling the titans. -cough- is a derp. -cough-

Clutz: Part of what makes her so bad at hand to hand combat with other humans, before she even gets close to an opponent she’ll basically almost always trip over herself or some random object. That’s why she prefers being in the air, with the 3D Gear. Nothing she can trip on, and flying with it, makes her feel alive.

Love for Animals: Avery has loved animals since she was a child. They were basically the only friends she truly had, and being around them calms her down. Also part of why she added fur to her jacket.

- 3D Maneuvering Gear
- Taking down Titans
- Animals (She loves foxes. <3)
- Sweets
- Being around others
- Being of use to others
- Guys who don't mind her weirdness
- She'll become clingy towards you if you're too nice to her. xD
- People that feed her sweets addiction
- To tackle hug ~
- Hanging out with her Bestie, Natalia Holzman


- Hand to Hand Combat
- Bland Food, (Plain bread, Coffee, Tea), and meat(She'll eat it, but is not very happy to do so)
- People who don't put there life on the line for others
- Being alone
- Hurting other humans (Which is kind of funny since she basically tackle hugs people to the ground, which can result in injury, oh Ave's what is wrong with you. xD)


- Hand to hand combat is Avery's weakness, she can't feasibly bring herself to hurt another human being. Why she can't do this is, in her past she had to basically kill the person that was trying to take her life. It messed her up psychologically, and she cannot bring herself to kill a human being again. Her mind built a defense mechanism up to this, so she doesn't quite know it's from that, and believes she is just bad at hand to hand combat. She can defend herself to a degree however, as long as it doesn't physically hurt the opponent. However there is a loop hole, if someone close to her is in danger, she won't think, but just act. Since the ones close to her are more important then her own self.

- While in combat with 3D Gear, she can actually fight surprisingly well since it's against titans, however this does not save her from flying into a wall if she is distracted. xD

-She lacks in strategy, but she makes up for it in team work, able to obey commands and plans that others make. If she was asked to come up with a plan, she'd be a lost cause. xD Probably do more harm then good.

-Natalia, and Avery are besties~ :iconshortsh4dow::iconjudaime:

-Voice: Lead Singer of The Brilliant Green:……


Summarized Version:

Avery resided in Wall Maria, when she was younger, and was there when the walls were breached. She was an orphan of sorts, and for the most part lived out on the streets. Taking shelter in barns/abandoned places, and keeping to herself. The only ones she would talk to are the animals, she grew a bond with them. It always made her feel calm when she was in there presence. After awhile living on the streets some had pitied her, and took her in. However this was not out of pity, but the man planned to slowly kill her, 'play with his prey'. The day the titans attacked was the day he had planned on killing her. Thankfully the titans breached the wall, and she was able to escape, the one who ended up dead was the man, by her own hands. This misfortune on the wall, had acted in her favor. However killing the man that wanted to take her life, would psychologically damage her down the road. She was then saved by a mysterious young man, that had a positive impact on her life. His way of thinking brushed off on her, and she even still is in search for him. If he is dead or alive, she wants to know, and will not stand on what others say, he must be alive.

Story-ish Form

Avery never really knew her real parents. If they had died, or if they had just left her for dead. She knew basically nothing about them, all except for the dark gray ribbons she kept close to her. These ribbons had special meaning to her since the only memory she could associate with her parents, is of a woman with no face handing her them. "Avery," the womanly figure would keep chanting, until the vision would go blurry and fade out. Avery figured it had to be her mother, or someone close. She had been living on the streets of Wall Maria until, a clothes merchant took pity on her, and gave her a place to stay. However that pity was soon short lived, since he had ulterior motives. Lucky for her the attack on the wall had come just in time. The merchants shop was in ruins, along with Avery, and the shopkeeper. Miraculously Avery was able to climb out of the crumbled house. Just as she was going to go outside, and hand grabbed her leg, causing her to trip and fall. A small piece of wood pierced her right chin, blood gushed out.

The merchant he also was alive, she had to get out of here. The merchant wasn't your ordinary one. He was sick in the mind, playing with his prey before he killed it. Avery thought she had found this out too late, but the sudden attack had given her a chance to get away. Though now things weren't going in her favor anymore. The merchant began to crawl towards her, he too had be injured from the cave in, but was still mobile. Avery shrieked, and closed her eyes tightly, a voice rang through her mind, "Avery...," Avery jolted at the sound, she finally knew what her mother had said, "Even if you have to kill, keep living, do not die." Avery's eyes shot open, she grabbed the closest object near hear and jabbed the man, then got up and ran.

She ran as far as she could away from that wretched place. Warning bells rang throughout the town, titans seemed to be everywhere, she had to escape. There had to be rendezvous for evacuation, there had to be others that were alive, right? The buildings around her were mostly rubble, the area was desolate. The ground around her, began to shake in uncontrollable bouts. A titan had caught onto her scent, she had no choice, but to run towards the giant. It was a dead end the other way, maybe if she was fast enough it could work. She was all out of options, and continued on forward, the titan getting closer with each step. Suddenly the titan stopped, fumes began to seep out of it's neck, as it fell forward. The shaking caused Avery to lose her footing and fall over. She saw a stationary troop near the defeated titan, his weapon broken from the impact. He had heard from another civilian that someone was still alive in this area, and went to investigate. He ran over to her relieved, "Are you okay?," he questioned. He looked to be only a few years older then her, his blue eyes filled with concern. Avery shook her head, as tears fell down her cheeks, before she could say anything else, the young man had picked her up. "I'm sorry, but please bare with me, I have to get you to the evacuation area," He sheathed his one working sword, and then leapt with his 3D Gear. The wires digging into the buildings, Avery couldn't say anything still, she was so astonished that they were actually flying. Finally when she was able to speak up she pointed down at the 3D Gear, "This." Her eyes that were once filled with fright, replaced with curiosity. He laughed, "This is my three dimensional movement gear, I was astonished the first time I used it too." Avery just kept smiling, not only from the 3D Gear, but good things really do happen. She had always been pessimistic, since her whole life had been a road of troubles, and yet now her thoughts were changing. Funny how a bad situation can turn into a good one, she thought. They had reached the evacuation point, thousands of citizens were flooding into the boat.

"I'll make sure you get a spot." He said reassuringly as he set her down, "Follow me." The boat was getting packed to the brim, and yet hundreds of citizens still were out on in the town. There wasn't enough room for everyone to be saved, but he promised her a spot even still? Avery followed after the young man, gazing at the people crying, and fighting to be included. Was she really fit to have a spot?

"I'm just a street rat, are you sure I'm fit to live?," she muttered, her pessimism resurfacing.

The young man whipped back, and placed his hands on her shoulders, "Don't say that," he smiled, "Everyone is fit to live, no matter what there status is." He grabbed her hand and began to walk forward again, "I also lived on the streets."

Finally they got to the front of the boat, she stepped onto it. The citizens expressions frightened her a little, they were filled with so much pain. The young man stopped one last time before he got off, "Never give up hope, always look for the positive even in situations like this." He smiled, and stepped off the boat.

"Wait!", she yelled, "You're not coming!?"

"They're might be someone else in danger, I have to try and save every last one of my towns people," He smiled and turned away.

"D-on't die!, we'll meet again!"

The young man flinched at the words, "Ah, we will."

The boat began to take off, the cries of the ones left behind filled the air. Avery couldn't take her eyes off of the person who had changed her life, for the better.

"Please live."


- RP Example:

The sun beat down on dark rich soil in the training field. Hundreds of trainee soldiers were sparring left and right. Avery gave a sigh, “Not this again,” her shoulders slumped, her dark brown hair covering her face. I never was one for hand to hand combat, she thought, still taking in the scenery. They all looked like pros compared to her, but she wouldn’t accept defeat, especially if it meant she wouldn’t be able to use her 3D Gear if she didn’t pass. She had to find a sparring partner, and fast since the instructor was due any minute. She scanned the field once more, her eyes fixated on a tall blonde male who seemed to be alone like her. Just as she was about to take the first step towards him, her foot got caught on a piece of rock, and she began to fall forward, catching herself midway by flapping her arms back and forth. “T-that was close,” she let out a laugh, while scratching her head.

((can you tell I have not roleplayed in forever? orz))

Task 3 A (Aptitude Test):
Task 3 B (Sparring):

Roleplay: We can either do it over skype, or through notes ~

Art&Avery: Judaime
Attack on Titan: Hajime Isayama
Application Background by: :iconrae-nerdy:
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This is a really Nice oc! I thought I was the only person to use animal fur on their Oc
(Here is my oc if you are interested:… )
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Eeee thank youuu. :3
Ohohohoh, yes high five for animal fur wearers. :3c
Simantov Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Thorns of the Rose is an Attack on Titan Roleplaying group currently in growth.
It uses several media to develop itself, including the AOTTG created by Feng.
We are looking for players from all timezones that had some experience with
text-rp and want to participate in an adventure taking place on the SnK universe.
We also encourage female roleplayers to join for the sake of diversity and inclusion.

Sinopsis: "4 years ago, the district of Shingashina was breaked and the outtermost defense of Humanity
again the man-eating titans fell. Wall Maria was breached and its territory lost. Hunger and death followed.
You are a recruit on the 109th Trainee corps. You have sent to a camp within Wall Sina, near a village called Steinburg.
There, you'll be trained under the orders of Commander B. Alvin, who once took part in the operation of recovering the land
lost. You'll grinded until you are a weapon aimed to the necks of the enemy... if you survive."

Some guidelines and warnings:
-The story takes place roughly 2 years before the events on Trost
-You can be whoever you want as long as you are an original character. Be creative. Don't stay with convecional archetypes.
-You get your character backstory developed in their own "Side Quest", mostly focused on their characters.
-We take newcomers to RP if they are willing to learn and eager to make friends.
-This is as grim as the manga itself. Isayama's limit as a Shōnen writer are off here.
-Players from all ages starting on 15 years old. There will be 18+ situations but they'll be pointed out and restricted if necessary.
-This is not a romance, relationship, roleplay, even if something similar can happen. It's not aimed that way. (Remember what happened to the only couple ever in the manga? Yes they... "splitted")
-Gore. Yes there is going to be. Like we said before, all restrictions of a Shōnen are lifted. What Isayama can't show will be shown, so prepare your barf bags.
-The series main characters are present, but they aren't your friends, old flames or missing brothers at best you came from the same village.
-No titan shifters amongst the trainees. (Yet. Still, none of them know about it. So far the only shifter on humanity's side is Eren Yeager)
-We are all friends since the beginning. New friends are welcomed, but no drama or personal issues must be brought forward between players (Of the RP or our servers). You got beef? Solved, Deal with it or just don't join. Sorry.
-RESPECT.(Not the less important aspect.)
-No Godmodding. All basic text-RP rules apply.
-For the Tribute game aspect we mainly use Evolve since is not as limited as hamachi and posesses voice support.

If you wish to join, you might begin developing your characters following this structure "sheet".
Name: -----|
Age:-------| Obvious Data. (Remember it's european centered when choosing the name. Don't fall into the Mikasa cliché unless is mandatory for your char.)
Place of Origin: -----> (Any place WITHIN the walls. If you are from Wall Maria but not Shingashina, try just to set where you live near the unamed districts by the cardinal position.)
Studies:---------------> (What your character studied formal or informally before joining.)
Previous Occupation: ----> (What your character did to survive before joining)
Pet Peeves:---------------> (Things that make your character angry, what he hates)
Weaknesses:-------------------> (Flaws, conditions, phobias, etc)
Traits:--------------------------> (Characteristics that it posesses)
Abilities:------------------------->(What can he do, what is good at.)
Name: Victor Summers
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Karanese distric (Wall Rose)
Studies: Cartography and spelunky.*
Previous Occupation: Hunter, explorer.**
Pet Peeves: Hates people that hoard food. The military police.
Weaknesses: Careless. Fears of Dark.
Traits: Blonde hair. Slim. Short height.
Abilties: Orientation, survivalism.
Also, you can start making the looks of your character here:

Contact Fabricio Kai Luduena via PM if interested or for any other questions.

We STRONGLY NEED more Female Players! (I am female too.)
Thank You!
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